Cost Benefits

A key factor affecting cost is the surfactant’s first-dose regimen, based on weight, combined with vial sizes available.

29% fewer vials of Infasurf® (calfactant) needed on the initial dose than Curosurf® (poractant alfa).

Infasurf® (calfactant) - Each Dose1

Curosurf® (poractant alfa) - Initial Dose2

Patient Demographics of Treated Infants 2005-2010*

Birth weight determines the dose required.

6% ≤ 600g

21% 601 – 1000g

10% 1001 – 1200g

28% 1201 – 1800g

8% 1801 – 2000g

11% 2001 – 2400g

16% 2401 – 3000g

The Science Efficacy

*Calculation of cohorts is based upon a large national sample which described birth weight distribution of 51,282 surfactant-treated patients from 322 neonatal intensive care units over six years.4 Birth weight cohorts were defined where a change in vial size or vial count is required by each drug’s respective prescribing information.

There are no prospective, randomized clinical trials comparing Infasurf® and Curosurf® with respect to safety or efficacy.