Surfactant Distribution

Dosing & Instillation

Infasurf® (calfactant) is ready to use, no mixing or warming required.

Infasurf® (calfactant) has an instillation volume for effective distribution.

Volume should be sufficient to reach distal airways, yet small enough to be tolerated by the patient.1

Infant Lung2

~ 16 generations from trachea to respiratory bronchioles and saccules

~ 60,000 terminal bronchioles

~ 250,000 binary branch points

~ 50,000 distal airways leading to saccules

~ 3,000,000 terminal air spaces

The surface area of a baby’s lung equals 4 square meters2, about the size of a regulation ping-pong table

Variables that Contribute to Surfactant Distribution in the Lungs1
Surface ActivityEssential for rapid adsorption and spreading
GravitySurfactant distributed with fluid by gravity in large airways
VolumeThe higher the volume, the better the distribution
Rate of AdministrationRapid administration results in better distribution
Ventilator SettingsPressure and positive end-expiratory pressure clear airways of fluid
Fluid Volume in LungHigher volumes of fetal lung fluid or edema fluid may result in a better distribution
Single-Dose Success Efficacy FAQ’s