Single-Dose Success

Dosing & Instillation

Infasurf® (calfactant) is ready to use, no mixing or warming required.

Infasurf® (calfactant) can result in fewer doses and high rates of single-dose success.

Low Re-Dose Rates*

Infasurf® (calfactant) n=762

Curosurf® (poractant alfa) n=432

Infasurf® (calfactant) n=96

Curosurf® (poractant alfa) n=90

Number of Doses per Patient*

Infasurf® (calfactant) n=762

Curosurf® (poractant alfa) n=432

Infasurf® (calfactant) n=64

Curosurf® (poractant alfa) n=213

*Infasurf® (calfactant) All Doses 105 mg/kg, Curosurf® (poractant alfa) Initial Dose 200 mg/kg, Repeat Doses 100 mg/kg

  • Repeat dosing rates varied depending on patient demographics, surfactant utilized, hospital protocols and established practices1
  • Clinical studies have not determined superior safety or efficacy with fewer doses

There are no prospective, randomized clinical trials comparing Infasurf® and Curosurf® with respect to safety or efficacy.